I want to look good, feel good doing it and look amazing naked! Just saying. All so when I look in the mirror I can say, “damn I look good!”

I was making room on my phone and I began to move some pics to my computer. After that I went through the smaller side folders on my phone and stumbled across some old screenshots. There are a lot of embarrassing snaps that I have so don’t mess with me. I also stumbled across some old messages I had screenshot. I can’t believe some of the things I have been through. I never realized how abusive “HE” was. I don’t ever want to go through anything like that ever again and I would never wish that on anyone else. That’s not okay. If anyone ever abuses you physically or verbally or emotionally, get out. Its not okay. Even if you love them, its still jot okay. You don’t deserve to have your heart broken everything tou talk to them. Please don’t put yourself through that babies.

I didn’t check him out! I just said he’s better looking. Eff mah lyfe ):

I don’t exercise and work out to compete with anyone. I do it for me. Its not about anyone else. Its about me. For once its about me. Not anyone else. I will never be a gym rat that feels the need to go to the gym everyday and that says stupid stuff like “do you even lift.” I just find that ignorant and pointless. That’s putting someone down for actually wanting to make a change in their life and I’m not about that life. I want to be lifted up and lift others up.

The best friend has gotten me addicted to an anime. I can’t allow myself to stay up all night!

I am home alone because my parents are still on their way back and my brother left to go be with his girlfriend. Why can’t I have a boothang to come and stay with me while I am home alone… ughhh. *tears*

Today was a nice and chill day. Woke up and went to Town East with Bailey and Alina. Then went to Hawaiian Falls with Molly, Richer and Hieu. I never really realized how much I like being around my sister from another mister and her boothang. My baby’s daddy sucks at pushing me in a tube. All he had to do was hold me steady. Lol. My legs did all the work.

This is truly how I feel right now!

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It feels good to exercise and I started reading too. I’m finally doing something for me and that makes me happy. Think I pulled a muscle though lol.