This is truly how I feel right now!

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It feels good to exercise and I started reading too. I’m finally doing something for me and that makes me happy. Think I pulled a muscle though lol.

I have finally gotten to the point where I can think about you and not be sad or angry. When I think of you, there is nothing. Its almost like you are a stranger again. I honestly think its best that we not be friends though. There was always a point where things went wrong and its probably best that we not try to go down any roads at all. I finally feel free and I enjoy this feeling. I wish nothing but the best for you and your “20 year old” girlfriend and anything you do in life. Time to officially close this chapter. I have studied it and read it as much as I can and I finally have a full comprehension of this lesson so now its time for a new chapter. Thank you. Love Jonathan.

This is exactly why he is one of my homies!!! I love this kid and I am so proud of him. He’s so real and he has been working so hard. He’s a lot better than some guys that I know out there.

No matter how annoying you can be sometimes, I can’t stay mad at you.

Theatre was my passion back in the day. It was my release from the real world and ultimately it mad me happy. But what a lot of people don’t know is that I lost that passion because of the evil that was behind it and i feel as though a lot of those theatre people resent me and judge me because of it. I had to make a decision for my life and i will continue to make the best decisions for my life. There are people I let go because of what was within them. People that set out to play the victim card and act as though everyone around them was evil. I almost lost a friend because of that but I had to make the decision to choose the one that was truly there for me and not the one that thought buying stuff for me was true friendship. I want people to know that as strong as I am, I am a person with feelings and I have to make certain decisions to keep myself happy. I didn’t want to hurt anyone and ultimately, a lot of people honestly hurt me. There are certain friends of mine that made low key hurtful comments that still haunt me to this day. And I still haven’t let those emotions out. People who are my friends have said things that aren’t friends like things to say and honest I still hut but I feel as though there is nothing I can say because from the past, I know how those things play out.

Treat me like a person. I’m not a sex toy and I’m not some prize. I’m a blessing. My body is my temple and it needs to be respected. Before you get my body you have to catch my eye, touch my mind and gain my heart. Us gay boys get into this stereotype world were we feel like we have to flaunt our sexuality and get into bed right away. We don’t. Take the time and actually get to know someone. If we respect ourselves, maybe the world will begin to respect us.

I started to like you and honestly sometimes that makes me smile and others it makes me want to rip my hair out.




if you are a boy who is gay or bi or attracted to males and need something to instill some hope this is it tonight 

Is it sad that this made me cry a bit





Respect to Jayz for remaining a gentleman. None of us will ever know what happened in that elevator, but imagine how the media would have reacted it he hit her back or if it was the other way around. Violence solves nothing, but woahhhh - Kushandwizdom

"does not hit women when provoked" should not be a notable measure of gallantry 

It should actually. What do you expect men to do when they’re being assaulted by a woman? Take it? When does it stop? When a woman is slapping him, or kicking him, or stabbing him or shooting him? When can a man intervene and defend himself? What right has a woman have hitting a man in the first place? Just because she’s a woman she can get away with assaulting people? Act like a decent human being with decorum and talk about the matter. Many men these days will hit back if a woman assaults them, and why not? If you step to a man like a thug you should be handled like one. The world is extremely sympathetic towards women when men assault them, which it should be, because assault is wrong, but when it’s the other way around and the man begins to defend himself, he’s labelled and black listed for the rest of his life. Don’t scream equality, if you’re going to be a hypocrite. And this is coming from a woman, who in the future, if I have sons, I will teach them to not allow anyone to assault them, man or woman. No one deserves to be assaulted and no one is immune to the repercussions either.

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